One Over brand design studio by Sana Asseh

Practice Makes Process.

Graduate of the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, with a BA in Advertising and an MA in Art Direction, Sana Asseh brings a multidisciplinary rigor and encyclopedic overview to her projects. After 12 years experience as art director for Beirut-based design studio, .PSLAB, where she was key in creating the brand’s visual identity, Sana is capable of managing everything from graphic design strategies and organizing conferences, to producing photography and video work and running social media accounts. Running her own photography and brand design studio since 2016, Sana’s research-oriented approach to her projects is neatly illustrated in the two collections she produced for Beirut’s STARCH Foundation as part of a yearlong residency; multiple iterations on a series of everyday objects that re-imagined their making and use and which collectively form a kind of reference guide to the methods of manufacture available in Lebanon. As interested in elaborating the thinking behind a project as she is in the project herself, Asseh’s broad-ranging and international outlook results in comprehensive strategies, plans of action and production and often reveals unexpected possibilities and avenues of exploration.

One Over Offices | Sana Asseh
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